Google vs Facebook

7 07 2010

The number one and number two most trafficked sites in the world, Google(43%) and Facebook(34%) are duking it out. Only one shall survive?

The Google Facebook rivalry has been known for a while but it seems things are picking up. After acquiring social site FriendFeed, Facebook announced their take on a search engine and criticized Google’s engine as old and outdated (ouch). Already competing with yahoo and Bing, another contender in the search engine wars is the last thing Google needs on its plate. Google strikes back with plans to soon launch a social network called Google Me to compete with Facebook.

Google is huge, as we all know. The name itself meaning a number with 100 zeros. How appropriate. Google owned territory includes YouTube, Picasa, Blogger, Android, Google Latitude, and their very own Google Profiles. If its possible for Google to combine the power of these sites, especially that of YouTube, i think it’ll deal a massive blow to Facebook.

Why can’t they work together you say? Good question but then again both started as projects by college student and now this is their life. I’m sure neither wants to give away their self-made power to another company. I know i wouldn’t.

What do you think? Who will be succesful? Who will crash and burn?


Wrong turn in the woods

6 07 2010

It has been nearly 5 years since my last blog anywhere.  5 long years. omg, i known.  Dont mind me while i brush my rust off.